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C++ Concurrency in Action ebook

C++ Concurrency in Action. Anthony Williams

C++ Concurrency in Action
ISBN: 9781617294693 | 575 pages | 15 Mb

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C++ Concurrency in Action Anthony Williams
Publisher: Manning Publications Company

Std::condition_variable data_cond;. HIGHLIGHT C++ Concurrency in Action is the first book to market to show how to take advantage of the new C++ Standard and how to write robust multi-threaded applications in C++. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for C++ Concurrency in Action: Practical Multithreading - International Economy Edition at Looking at the definition of accumulate_block : template struct accumulate_block { T operator()(Iterator first,Iterator last) { return std::accumulate( first,last,T()); } };. C++ Concurrency in Action is a reference and guide to the new C++ 11 Standard for experienced C++ programmers as well as those who have never written multithreaded code. Yes, the code lacks something, however this is not very important. C++ does not have semaphores because boost.thread does not have semaphores. DESCRIPTION With the new C++ Standard and Technical Report 2 (TR2), multi-threading is coming to C++ in a big way. Private: mutable std:: mutex mut;. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This book will show you how to write robust multithreaded applications in C++ while avoiding many common pitfalls.

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